Maintenance Free Fire December 2020: See Latest Updates What Will Be Changes

In the news of Free Fire Mania, The game servers will be closed for the maintenance that takes place at dawn Monday (7), it is the last upgrade of the year 2020.

Maintenance Free Fire December 2020: See Latest Updates What Will Be Changes

Garena Free Fire has witnessed a gradual increase in its player base since its launch three years ago. Its growth can be credited to regular updates by the developers to keep the game fun and, for that to happen, it is necessary to maintain and leave Free Fire down for about 8 hours until the news is live.

Players are excited about the next update of the OB25 to the game. In this article, we’ll talk about Free Fire maintenance .

Free Fire Maintenance December 2020 : Free Fire Mania

Free Fire Mania

When updating the game to a new version, it is necessary to upload the new APK so that all players can download the updated version (OB25), both on Google Play and the Apple Store, that is, it is necessary that Free Fire is down for maintenance to take place on the server.

Date and time of Free Fire maintenance in December 2020

In principle, Free Fire maintenance takes place on December 7, 2020 , it is estimated that the start time will be from 01:00 on Monday morning.

At first glance, maintenance and return of the game is expected to take place around 9:30 am. Therefore, Free Fire will be in maintenance for 8 hours, from 09:30 to 17:40 on this day, December 7th, 2020.

What will change in Free Fire?

FREE fire mania

December 2020 maintenance will be the last of the year and will bring the new OB25 version of Free Fire.

Check the list of confirmed changes according to the update notes sent by Garena:

  • Update in Contra Squad mode, new weapons and rewards;
  • New weapon – Vector Akimbo ;
  • Nerf on the M82B (Barret) ;
  • Buff at M4A1;
  • Buff on P90 ;
  • End of advanced accessories and new weapon versions ;
  • Training Island: new currency, lighting, sound and fireworks;
  • Improvements in the Electric Board;
  • Elite Pass now features weekly missions;
  • New interface in ranked mode;
  • Utilities menu;
  • Free Fire partners;
  • Bug fixes and some optimizations;

You can check the entire list of news in detail, click here .

free fire mania

Changes that have not yet been confirmed

There are also numerous changes that are not included in the official update notes, but are already available in the game files, as well as in the Advanced Server , check out:

  • Gold Royale: Toxic Retaliation package
  • Diamond Royale: Cyber Angel
  • Bermuda 2.0 Map
  • Pet Brabuino
  • Character Elza
  • Character Chrono
  • Weapon vending machine
  • Launch of Free Fire MAX
  • New package in the Rank store
  • Teleportation Portal
  • Angelic Bermuda and Bikini
  • Cosmic Race Mode

Therefore, many changes that we disclose and which are not present in the update notes, can be announced later or have actually been removed from the official APK version.

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